To apply for or renew a SCORE card, please complete the appropriate application form and follow the instructions below.

Applicants MUST

  • Be qualified to SVQ or NVQ Level 3 (or Level 2 where appropriate)
  • Have completed indentured apprenticeship or utilise the experienced worker route (proof that operatives have worked in the industry for the last 10 years must be verified by current/ previous employer/s)
  • Pass a one-day Health and Safety Test (at a minimum)
  • Submit a signed application form with passport sized photograph, payment & proof of completion of H&S test

Managers Application Form
GBO Level 2
Gold Card and All Crafts Level 3
Gold Card P&D Level 3

Once we have received your application form, payment and the required documentation, we will issue your card within 10 working days.

Queries? Please contact us on 01786 448838.